Sushant Singh Rajput opens up about taking Raabta co-star Kriti Sanon on a drive


Reams of newsprint have been devoted to Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s reputed relationship. The Raabta co-stars have more than once denied being seeing someone, without any result. At the point when Sushant was clicked taking Kriti for a turn in his new swanky auto, talk plants went into an overdrive. Sushant opened up about in a meeting with Mumbai Mirror.

“Dislike I purchased the auto and showed Kriti a good time,” he giggled. “I had taken the auto out for a turn alone the day it was conveyed. No one clicked any photos then.”

Throughout the previous couple of weeks, stories of Sushant and Kriti’s relationship going dead were doing the rounds. Photographs of their lengthy drive made individuals think they had chosen to revive their ceasing to exist sentiment. Sushant chuckled, “I read about this thing between us, then there were stories about a battle and a separation and after that all of a sudden, presumably in light of the Maserati we were back together.”

He included, “They are all exceptionally intriguing however false. We are great companions. She’s a designer and I was contemplating to be one too before I dropped out. We’re both from Delhi, enormous foodies and like getting to know one another. Period.”