OMG! This ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’ actress had a narrow escape from a DANGEROUS ACCIDENT!


On-screen character Nanndinni Gupta, who is as of now observed as Namrata in the Star Plus show, ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’ turned into a subject to an expected event past end of the week.

As per a main news every day, the on-screen character was driving through Goregaon when a speeding auto hit her auto from the side. What came about was her auto being severely harmed.

Luckily, the on-screen character figured out how to get away from the mishap with minor wounds.

Nanndinni even went to the police headquarters and got the matter settled in the wake of burning through five hours there. What’s more, after the majority of this, the performing artist was overcome enough to answer to her set for shooting.

We trust the performing artist has recovered from the occurrence totally!