Amitabh Bachchan’s emotional post for Vinod Khanna!


One of the legends of Hindi film, Vinod Khanna, left for the brilliant dwelling place 27th April 2017. It was a grieving day for the whole nation.

Amitabh Bachchan who has gone to his burial service with child Abhishek took to his Twitter and shared a lyric to express his anguish. The lyric was composed by Prasoon Joshi. Enormous B even transferred an enthusiastic post for late Vinod Khanna on his blog!

This is what he composed:

“Unmoving .. still .. eyes closed in interminability .. a frame on wooden logs .. secured .. flares about .. what’s more, an existence swung to cinders ..

I initially observed him entering the Ajanta Arts office in Bandra, of Sunil Dutt, where I was advancing toward look for a vocation .. a most attractive good looking young fellow .. a body in rich casing .. a swagger in his walk .. furthermore, a tender grin as he looked towards me .. it was 1969 .. he was working in the Ajanta Arts film, ‘Man ka Meet’ .. I was attempting to get a part, any part, anyplace ..

In time we met again inside similar regions .. he and I were working in a similar film of Dutt Saheb, ‘Reshma aur Shera’ .. look trials in the workplace of the film .. travel and sittings on the story .. Thapa saheb, Ali Raza, Sukhdev and those throughout the night meets, most novel for me .. my first brush with the way the film business worked .. the ideal opportunity for the shoot and the energy of go on an area in Jaisalmer .. the months we spent together and after .. driving in the searing warmth of the deserts of Rajasthan to the area, Pochina, in the sands of no place close civilisation .. living under one tent – Vinod, Ranjit, Thapa Saheb, Ali Raza saheb around seven of us in a similar tent .. at that point comparable number at a make move living arrangement in the city of Jaisalmer – Amrish Puri going along with us in that room loaded with every one of us, living snickering, working .. joyful days .. the rigors of that area and its environs ..

On come back from the area his proceeded with associate with me .. he a major star .. however, constantly most humble with magnanimous worry for others .. the rides he would take me on, in his as of late gained Beetle VolksWagen, yellow in shading .. his liberality in sneaking me into the main Disco Club in the city at the Taj, where he was a part, and I not even remotely in any state to wind up plainly one .. his marriage to Geetanjali, whom he and we as a whole affectionately called Gitly .. the introduction of his children, Rahul and Akshay, whom he regularly conveyed on to the arrangements of AAA ..

That episode at an eatery in SoBo, where somebody made an inconsiderate comment, and he took him on, getting cut in the arm amid the fight, yet being successful ..

The sudden going of his Father not long after our cooperate in “Reshma” .. I being with him in his hour of melancholy .. and after that .. the astonishing science of the few notable movies that we did together .. an affiliation that was so loveable and circumspect .. investing energy in every others make up rooms, sharing our lunch, simply waiting for chance and discussing a wide range of talk .. the late shoot pack ups and the past midnight drives to Juhu Beach, to simply sit with our chiefs and he to have a drink, and I mine ( I used to in those days ) ..

That blame ridden occurrence when I needed to excursion a glass in a scene towards him and it inadvertently hitting his button, slicing him open directly through to his teeth .. the regret lament and blame inside me to date for that unforgiving mischance .. surging him to his specialist, late around evening time, getting sewed up, driving with him to his home to settle him in and to simply continue apologizing for this awful unplanned slip ..

The sudden brush with him as he kept running up the stairs in Breach Candy Hospital, where I had gone to visit a companion, and his outrage and grave confronted expression – he learning of the mishap of his nearby relative on a motorbike, and him needing to be with her as she battled for her life ..

His well disposed motion of showing up in a film of mine “Zameer” .. the circumstances we spent on it at different areas .. the most thorough being activity groupings shot in the insides of Udaipur, well into the night and sunrise, with that most regarded Action Coordinator Khanna Saheb .. after the succession was recorded, Khanna Saheb sitting with us in the early hours of the morning and candidly communicating his extraordinary bliss in working with both of us ..

“give me these two craftsmen in an activity show and I should extricate the best at any point seen” .. he would recognize us ..

The Hotel in Udaipur and our rooms separated .. me away in one forlorn corner and he in another .. I call him amidst the night and express the depression .. he welcoming me over and saying to remain with him in his room .. for a newcomer you can’t envision what this intended to me to be dealt with like this by a star ..

His certain appeal was irresistible .. there was dependably an idealistic swagger about him .. a grin .. a chuckle .. an easygoing quality .. nothing appeared to bother him one felt .. the casual “cool” of today’s circumstances ..

The dances we would create on set .. off the cuff tunes .. at the point when 5 Librans cooperating in a similar film at a similar scene would break into – Shammi Kapoor ji, Amjad, Kader Khan, Vinod and I – our little jingle, on the arrangements of ManMohan Desai’s “Parvarish” ..

‘We are insane Librans .. **%#@!! up this film” .. !!!

Also, the uproarious chuckling that took after each shot that we gave together ..

And after that one day his sudden choice to the accompanying of Rajneesh .. his energy and the quality of his conviction .. his genuineness in his taking after, ideal to California where Rajneesh had moved .. I met him in Los Angeles amid this period on a stray visit, and he invested hours at a typical companion’s place disclosing to me what the development implied not simply to him, but rather to the World when all is said in done ..

What’s more, this evening relationship of 48 years arrived at an end ..

This man .. this assemblage of enthused vitality and giving .. this companion .. this associate .. this always grinning swagger plagued singular, lay unmoving ..

Nobody strolled the way he did .. nobody had the nearness he had in a swarmed room .. nobody could help up the surroundings he was in, similar to him .. nobody ..”